Let's Talk Holiday Talk

An energized webinar that will help you hone party talk, toasts, and more.

It's the end of the year; do you know where your party skills have been hiding?

For office, community, and family events, let our panel of experts help you through small talk, awkward conversations, toasting, and your inner (or not so inner) introvert.

People in Conversation

Join the holiday communication prep—On Demand!

Hear how to overcome the communication obstacles many share in our changed world. Re-energize your speaking and storytelling confidence. This webinar will help you participate with poise at your next group gathering; let's party!


Netania Walker

Netania Walker
Founder, CEO of a training/coaching firm

Netania Walker is the founder and CEO of The WOR Group, a training and performance coaching firm dedicated to helping directors, managers, and emerging leaders speak better, lead better, collaborate better, and believe in themselves better!

Netania is also a Past Region Advisor for Toastmasters International, Region 8, where she provided advice to top District leaders in Brazil, the Caribbean Islands, and the United States. Speakers Roundtable Advanced Toastmasters Club in District 44 (Georgia, United States) is where Netania says she acquired many of her speaking techniques. She served as District 44’s 2017-18 District Director and was honored as the 2015 Toastmaster of the Year.

Using her wisdom and infectious energy, Netania inspires leaders to “leave everything they touch different and better, and to work on the results that matter most.”



Michael Varma

Michael Varma
Master magician, instructor, author

Michael Varma is the author of “Tasteful Toasts,” a master magician, and award-winning instructor who reveals trade secrets in his books, educational games, and workshops for achieving success.

As an entertainer, he often finds himself at the right place and time to offer a brief toast and shine a gentle spotlight on the guest of honor. He navigates easily from casual gatherings to formal events—and can teach you to hone your skills, too. Learn to participate with confidence at office parties, community events, and more.

Michael is a three-time winner of the Last Toastmaster Standing joke-telling contest and encourages you to have at least one good, clean joke ready at all times—because knowing you have some humor “up your sleeve” will give you an extra boost of confidence in any situation. And that's his first tip before the webinar begins!


Diane Windingland

Diane Windingland
Business owner, coach, speaker, author

Diane Windingland, owner of Virtual Speech Coach, coaches subject matter experts on how to communicate with clarity and confidence, shaping what they know into communications that engage and get results. Since 2011, she has been speaking for organizations that want to help their people have better, more profitable conversations and presentations.

Originally trained as an engineer, Diane is also the author of several books on communication skills. She lives with her husband in Shoreview, Minnesota, where she dedicates much of her spare time as a volunteer for Toastmasters International.