The best place to learn English is definitely in a place where English is spoken. Ireland is a country that speaks English and it is a good place to learn English. The place will create an immersion and provide an enjoyable atmosphere to learn the English language in an efficient way.

If you think about learning the language in Ireland’s beautiful country, Dublin, you will find yourself an ideal location. If you are studying for an English Exam such as the International English Language Test (IELTS), the Cambridge English Review or even the Immersive English Test (TIE) or who would like to learn English in a fantastic setting, you are guaranteed a diving experience at our school in Dublin City Center. The Irish Department of Education acknowledges our school as a modern language for the education of English.

The school services offer a warm and comfortable atmosphere to the students. Each student receives a free English CD book, a free schoolbag, free Dublin bus tours, free WiFi in the school, free hot drinks, free computer access and cookies during breaks. Find a free Vodafone cell telephone or maybe a free member of the cell sports club for a further 12 weeks. A student can enter book clubs and cinemas free of charge. These great benefits are offered free of charge for school students in Dublin , Ireland to thank them for choosing to study English at our School.

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We also have our army of teachers in English who usually listen to and encourage the school children and make learning a fun and exciting experience for everyone. You will be ready to practice what you have learned inside the 4 corners of our classroom as you leave our schools. You would be able to use the language abroad. You can make friends, order coffee in restaurants, ask for directions and several other everyday activities.


The school provides accommodation with selected host families or maybe apartments for every student’s budget. The town with its rich cultural and also literary histories is the place for any student who decides to learn the English language in our school. There are art galleries, museums, old libraries, well-kept gardens and colorful festivals, lovely parks and a nice, full night’s life. Where else would you find these delicacies? It can be discovered simply in an English school in Dublin!


The Ireland International Study Institute offers English courses from beginner to advanced. Ireland is an international study institute. It also provides preliminary courses in English for international exams such as the International English Language Assessment Framework or maybe IELTS. See English Language Schools Dublin to see if you can take English courses in ISI Ireland.

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